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My fitness journey started about 10 years ago. I was 20 kg overweight and struggled with depression and anxiety. The idea of training in the
gym in front of other people was unbearable. Although I managed to get myself in a healthier shape throughout the years, I was still unhappy about the way I looked.


My turning point was three years ago when I decided to hire a Personal
Trainer, here at extreme gym. He helped me transform my body and mindset. Working with him I gained so much confidence, overcoming the fear of training in the gym while learning so much about training and nutrition.

Experiencing the positive impact that fitness had in my life, I decided to become a personal trainer myself. I am passionate to help others that are struggling because I have been there. I want to help as many people as possible to build healthier habits and adopt a lifestyle that will lead them to achieve and keep their fitness goals.

I am helping people to improve their eating habits, teaching them how to train properly in the gym, lose weight, tone up, build muscle, adopt a positive mindset and be happy and confident with themselves.

My service is tailored to each individual needs, preference, strengths, and weaknesses. I want to meet my clients at every stage of their fitness journey and be there for them all the way, teaching them how to be independent and be able to keep their results.


I believe on working to improve 1% everyday, a steady and stable approach that led to tangible and sustainable results.

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