Client Transformation

Ross delivered exactly what he said

Body fat dropped over 10%, gained over 20kg on all compound lifts and still going up, 8cm on the chest, over 10cm off the waistline.

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Client Transformation

I can't believe how quick the changes appeared

From the initial consultation Ross explained everything it would take to hit the targets I was aiming for. He was 100% right in what I could achieve


Client Transformation

We needed to strip back to rebuild

a successful cutting phase and now upping the carbs and cals focusing on muscle mass gain now we have a fat free baseline to build from


I am a fully certified and established PT specialising in lean muscle gain and body fat reduction. I will get you the results you want and structure all programming and nutrient guidelines specifically to suit your needs and goals. My expertise lie in utilising compound lifts and free weights to achieve rapid, functional results that can be sustained through continual exercise and education. Learning why we are doing something and why it works so you have a full understanding of our sessions and have the confidence and ability to continue on your own fitness journey in the future. 

I will never have you doing anything I haven’t done myself and I believe strongly in leading by example. I myself have been 0% body fat and 30%+ body fat so I know what it takes to get lean, stay lean and gain lean. I am a 4 time national champion bodybuilder, 3 time British finalist and one of the top ten muscle models in the UK with a national ultimate legs title amongst other accolades. 

Fitness is my life and I have been training from the age of 12, cross country and long distance running until 3 years ago until I made the switch to bodybuilding and physique competition.

I can give you the elite level first-hand knowledge and structure to achieve and surpass any fitness goals you have and guarantee you a positive change in just one block. 

If you are ready to make a change for the better send me a message and become part of the team! 

I pride myself on giving my clients an elite service so check out over 35 five star reviews on my Facebook page.

- Ross Alexander



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