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Client Transformation

Steven has educated me so much about nutrition

In comparison to previous personal trainers I have worked with in the past. Steven encouraged me to push myself further than ever before.

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Client Transformation

I feel like I got my life back and it's all thanks to Steven

Not only does training with Steven change your physical health it changes your mental state of mind which I think is just as important if not more important

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Client Transformation

I couldn't have done it without his help and motivation

In addition to the PT sessions I was give a gym plan and diet which I followed over a 12 week period and managed to lose around 10kg



My name is Steven Campbell and I am personal trainer based in Glasgow.


I started my journey in fitness when I was 18 by joining my first proper weightlifting gym and the minute I walked through the door I was hooked.


Seeing the condition the men and woman in the gym could get themselves in amazed me and made me instantly want to better myself.


As a person and personal trainer with a passion for helping others my aim is to help as many people as I can reach their fitness goals by taking them on a journey that will change their lives forever.


I believe everyone deserves the right to good health and to be happy with themselves mentally and physically.


I will provide the people who choose to work with me with the highest level of service and will continue to invest in myself and my business to help us achieve this together.




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