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Client Transformation

A personal goal achieved with focus

So my on-line client Tayla Hunter set herself a goal to do a photo shoot as a trial run for competing next year. She absolutely smashed her goal.

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Client Transformation

Taking 2nd place in Bikini category 

Once we nailed the diet, the training and cardio wasn’t an issue and it all came down to making sure that she was consistent. 

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Client Transformation

The need for someone with experience

When I choose my coach there are a few things I look for.

I like someone who also competes and has that experience 


My name is Tony Pang and I’ve been delivering results since 2008. In this time I worked with every type of client from the over weight mum looking to drop a few stone and dress sizes and feel better now than she did in her 20’s.

To the normal dad bod looking for that lean physique to bikini competitors looking to step on stage to young guys looking to get shredded for that boys holiday.

I have worked with them all and have learned through my experience and knowledge that not one plan fits all.

I will work with anyone with the right attitude and mindset and teach them how to get into the best shape of there lives but also educate them along the way so that they can create a sustainable lifestyle for the future.

The results I am able to get with clients all comes down to making sure that we as a team from client to trainer are a good fit and that relationship will produce results nothing short of spectacular If you feel like you are that kind of person who is driven for results then get in touch.

- Tony Pang



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