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Our flagship gym, Extreme Gym 1 located on Dornoch Street in Glasgow, has undergone a recent renovation to provide more space and state-of-the-art equipment. Unlike any other gym in Glasgow or Scotland, we offer the best training equipment that is sure to take your fitness journey to the next level.

At Extreme Gym, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible training experience. We have plans to expand the gym further and add more exciting equipment to meet our customers' evolving needs and expectations.

Our gym has always been at the forefront of developing athletes and bodybuilders by providing them with the most advanced equipment available. We understand that our customers deserve the best training facility, and that's precisely what we offer. Extreme Gym is the top choice for anyone serious about their fitness journey and training goals.



Extreme Gym 1 Personal Trainers
Grevon Profile Image 2.JPG


My name is Grevon Harris, your dedicated fitness trainer at Extreme Gym.


Hailing from the vibrant Caribbean, my journey into the world of fitness was destined from an early age. Football was my passion, and I pursued it with unwavering dedication throughout my youth and well into adulthood.


My years as a sports enthusiast instilled in me invaluable qualities, such as discipline, self-control, and a natural inclination to lead from the front. Today, as a fitness coach, I still approach my role with the same ethos. I empathize with the struggles individuals face in their pursuit of their ideal physique. 


To connect with my clients, I willingly embark on the same transformative journey, making me both relatable and well-versed in catering to fitness enthusiasts of all levels, whether they are beginners or advanced athletes.


My venture into personal training began seven years ago, driven by the aspiration to build muscle, sculpt my physique, and ultimately compete in professional bodybuilding. I transitioned from being a slender footballer to achieving remarkable success in my first bodybuilding season in 2022, securing four gold medals, two silver medals, a coveted Pro card, and a second-place finish in the British finals.


My bodybuilding experience has enriched me with a wealth of knowledge on muscle development, weight management, and strength training techniques. I'm dedicated to utilizing this expertise to help my clients attain their personal best in terms of fitness and well-being.


For over five years, I've had the privilege of coaching individuals on their fitness journeys, and I cherish every moment spent guiding them toward becoming the best version of themselves.


If you're contemplating a transformative change and seeking a lasting lifestyle improvement, reach out to me. I'm here to introduce you to straightforward methods that can revolutionize your life. 


Let's embark on this journey together, and I'll show you how to make lasting, positive changes.

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Lee 1.jpg


My name is Lee McGinn and I'm one of the experienced personal trainers here at Extreme Gym Glasgow.


My area of expertise lies in hypertrophy training, which involves building lean muscle tissue while helping clients reduce body fat and gain confidence.


My journey in the fitness industry began over 15 years ago when I played for an amateur football team. From there, I developed a passion for fitness and went on to join a boxing club before ultimately becoming a member of Extreme Gym Glasgow in 2013. Since then, I have remained dedicated to this gym, which has been instrumental in taking my training to the next level.


Throughout my time here, I have had the opportunity to train alongside a diverse range of individuals, each with their own unique backgrounds and goals. This experience has allowed me to acquire knowledge of different training techniques, both old and new, which I now incorporate into my work with clients. 


I take pride in pushing my clients to unlock their full potential, helping them to believe in themselves and achieve their goals.


My aim is not only to improve my clients' physical appearance but also to help them change their mindset and approach to life. I am passionate about delivering results and providing the best service to my clients.


If you're looking for a personal trainer who will challenge and support you every step of the way, then I am the PT you need. 


Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to join my team. I would love to have you on board as a client with Lee McGinn Fitness.

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My name is Jade Kennedy I began my fitness Journey 12 years ago and instantly discovered a passion for health and exercise in my life. Over the last 4 years I have studied relentlessly to become a Personal Trainer 


Adding Qualifications to my training experience such as Nutrition,Health and Wellbeing, Human autonomy and physiology , Health Screening,Applied Nutrition and Exercise principles and programming to name a few.



I am committed in supporting individuals of all fitness levels to make sustainable lifestyle changes to live a healthier life , wether your goal is fat loss, build muscle or simply to improve your general health and well being i will advise you on the simple changes to make and we will have some fun along the way 


I provide Personal training Sessions , Online coaching , tailored training and nutrition plans and run a weekly BootCamp for my clients to train in a fun Environment as a team



My Frame Fitness Community has been established to create a group of dedicated clients all pushing each other to achieve there goals and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle , where we share recipe ideas and encourage each other everyday 


If you your looking to get your body moving and  shape a new you for your future then let’s start working together on your goals 

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With a background in teaching and lecturing and a PhD in Education & Social Sciences , I am passionate about supporting clients to achieve their goals by working alongside them and providing bespoke training plans.

As a PT,I specialise in the use of the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model, a versatile, client-centred training model with stabilisation endurance, strength, hypertrophy and power phases. I am also a qualified Nutrition Advisor. I work with a wide range of clients of all ages and abilities, from absolute beginners to athletes and bodybuilders. I have particular experience of coaching men in weightlifting & bodybuilding techniques and supporting women with weight loss and general fitness plans. 

As well as balancing my work as a PT with a full-time job, I am also a fully certified Life Coach, a Professional Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Meditation & Breathing coach, and have also completed training in the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.


My holistic and multi-tooled approach means that I am widely recognised as Glasgow’s ‘Mind & Body PT’ - specialising in supporting clients with their physical and mental health together.

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aaron 13.jpg


Do you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your diet, training or simply not seeing results? Well it’s time to say goodbye to the old you. Here at MacFit we dedicate ourselves to helping clients achieve their goals.


If you’re looking to completely change your lifestyle of Netflix & chill then get in touch. Trust me It’s never too late to make changes.
I’ve trained clients who have suffered from eating disorders that are now competing in bodybuilding shows. To clients who have never stepped foot in a gym before and have now lost half their body weight.


Whether you are a sports professionals or first-time gym member, we all have a journey to take and I would love to help guide you on that journey. Being in this industry for over 7 years has inspired and motivated me to compete at the highest levels of sport, ranging from professional football to now being the Bnbf Scottish natural bodybuilding champion.


I’ve always believed in practice what you preach. So if you’re serious about getting fit or taking your body to the next level then get in touch and let’s start your journey to a new & better you.

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